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Electric Signs

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Electric Signs are highly effective at night, lighting up your brand or marketing message. They attract attention and give small businesses the visibility they need to stand out among 

large box stores. 

Also known as electric signs, Cloud Cabinets, channel letters, halo letters, or LED signs, they are a superior signage choice for many applications.


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Our team is made up of problem solvers and strategic thinkers dedicated to the success of both our clients and our agency. We are accessible, personable, honest, and ready to help you build a visual foundation for your brand. We enjoy making companies look better with great design, and going above and beyond to please our clients.

If you’re going to choose electric signage, we highly recommend choosing LED letter signs. Not only do they provide a modern, three-dimensional look, but their long lifespan makes them cost-effective, too. 

LED lights will stay illuminated for years without burning out or losing their brightness and clarity, yet they’re surprisingly energy efficient. Plus, LED lights are quick and easy to replace, allowing us to perform maintenance or replacements with no hassle or extra expense.

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Electric Signs Gallery

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